2018 Monthly Theme Winners

2018 Winners of the LBNL Photo Club's Monthly Theme Contest

Each month, the Lab’s Photo Club selects a theme for its members to capture in images. Members are then invited to submit two photos, and all members can vote in the selection of the top four photographs that best embody the theme. Below are the winning photographs from 2018 organized by month. For more information on the Photo Club, contact John N. Christensen (EESA) jnchristensen@lbl.gov.

December 2018 "Anything Holiday"

The contributors are: Michael Wehner (CRD), Monique Fix (CFBOR), Tina Declerck (NERSC), John Christensen (EESA), Stephanie Daglia (CFPOR), Spencer Klein (NSIC), Karen Lingua (CFPOS), Janie Page (BUBS) and Arkadeep Kumar (ETA).

Early Snow

First snowfall of the year at Squaw Valley.

Michael Wehner


Snoopy at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Michael Wehner

Snow Truck

On the hunt for a Christmas tree and ran across this relic

Monique Fix

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Monique Fix

Keira Christmas

Keira looks ready to party in her Holiday apparel. It's not easy to get her to sit still long enough to get a photo.

-Tina Declerck

Blaze Ready to Party

Had to get this quick because he's not fond of wearing hats or glasses.

Tina Declerck

The Lion in Winter

Our neighbors down the street every year decorate their lions with a Santa hat, producing a rather jaunty if not incongruous

effect. Of course, the old movie starring Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn springs to my mind.

John Christensen

No Chimney

Apparently Santa had to resort to porch delivery at this house.

John Christensen

Holiday Store Display

Stephanie Daglia

Napa Holiday "Lights"

This was the 2017 Napa Holiday Lights display on various buildings around Napa

Stephanie Daglia

Channukah in Moore's Bay, Antarctica

Spencer Klein

Lights of Kensington

The lights of Kensington's second annual tree lighting ceremony kick off the season in Colusa Circle. Come for the lights that don't always work perfectly, stay for the hot chocolate. (Or donate so we can upgrade the electrical support for next year!)

Karen Lingua

Christmas Lights

Elegant simplicity with lights in front of rough hewn wood.

Janie Page

Ingredients of Christmas

Preparing red chile for a traditional New Mexican celebration of the season(ing)...

Janie Page

Christmas Village from Childhood

This Christmas tree and festive scene is made by my landlady (who is elderly longtime resident of Berkeley), who has preserved her childhood with decorating the Christmas tree and making the village scene below with skiiers, ice-skaters, sleds, and other intricate details.

-Arkadeep Kumar

Stars and lights on Christmas in India

Scenes of decorations of Christmas Stars and lights at residential areas of Cavelossim near Goa, India. I took this photograph in Dec 2017-Jan 2018 holiday time, while visiting India.

Arkadeep Kumar

November 2018 "Funny/Humorous/Fun"

1st place- Doug Lockhart (ret); tied for 2nd- Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS) and Doug Lockhart; tied for 3rd- John O'Brien (Climate & Ecosys) and Tom Ruegg (EBME); and in 4th- John Christensen (EESA).

Cooling Off at the Lake

I met this lovely couple on a hot July day riding my bike across northern Iowa.

Doug Lockhart

Back Scratch

A Yellowstone grizzly paused for a quick back scratch on a telephone poll.

-Stephen Czarnecki

Better Painting through Levitation

I've been taking levitation classes in my retirement and it really helps tasks where a dangerous ladder would normally be used.

Doug Lockhart

Milano Ad Campaign

I think this little chipmunk thought he had found the holy grail of yum.

-John O'Brien

The Strange Gravity of Oahu

Tom Ruegg

Winter is Coming

As found along a street in Berkeley (where else?)

John Christensen

October 2018 "Forgotten Objects"

1st place- John Christensen (EESA); in 2nd- Haris Mahic (ALS); tied for 3rd- John O'Brien (Climate & Ecosys) and Arkadeep Kumar (ETA); and in 4th- Janie Page (BTUS).

This is Not a Library

libraryBooks are wedged tightly together as "decorative" fill for a wall in the basement seating area of a local popular pizza joint (The Secret Stash- a decidedly hippie place)

in Crested Butte, CO . This may be the future of all books in this e-age. Notice that a number of the titles ("Postmortem", "Stalker", "Lasher") might be considered appropriate for Halloween.

John Christensen (EESA)

Dodge Truck

This rusty, old truck was pulled out from Sacramento River. According to current owner, some people seen ghosts in the car.

Haris Mahic (ALS)

Natural Roof

Old forest-reclaimed cabin and abandoned ford

-John O’Brien (Climate & Ecosys.)

Old temple in rural India

Picture of an old temple at my ancestral place in rural India. It is more than 150 years old, and has sculptures similar to other famous temples in India.

Arkadeep Kumar (ETA)

Service while you wait

I think you'd wait a long time here...

Janie Page (BTUS)

September 2018 "Landscape"

1st place- Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS); in 2nd- John Christensen (EESA); in 3rd- Doug Lockhart (ret); and in 4th- TIm Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s).

Crater Lake Snow

A record year for snow in Crater Lake left enough to get this shot on July 1st.

Stephen Czarnecki

Colorado Fall

While doing field work in Colorado this past week, I shot this photo of Aspens turning color. I was also fortunate in having some dramatic clouds and good morning light. The mountains (part of the Elk Mountains) in the distance consist of, and the foreground is underlain by the Cretaceous age Mancos Shale Fm.

John Christensen

Queen's Bath

Queen's Bath is a great place for sunsets on the north coast of Kauai near Princeville.

Doug Lockhart

Into the Fog

Tim Kneafsey

August 2018 "Abstract"

1st place- John Christensen (Energy Geosci.s); tied for 2nd- TIm Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s) and Haris Mahic (ALS); tied for 3rd- Umberto Savino (CHJC) and Tom Ruegg (EBME); tied for 4th- Sayan Gupta (MB&IB) and Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS).

Spiral Forms

Interior of Point Loma lighthouse.

John Christensen (Energy Geosciences)

Theater Seats

Theater seats Radio City Music Hall

Tim Kneafsey (Energy Geosciences)


My hobby: archery.

Haris Mahic (ALS)

Ring by Ring

Dolby theatre main hall ceiling

CANON EOS 1100D, 24mm, f/2.8, 1/13 sec, ISO-800

Umberto Savino (CHJC)

Cal Bears Stadium

Could also be a work from M.C. Escher

Tom Ruegg (EBME)

Holiday Lights

Holiday decorations shine through a frosted window

Sayan Gupta (MB&IB)

Between Two Clouds

I thought it was a bit interesting being between two parallel planes of clouds, I also like how the blue sky between the two layers transitions from dark to light.

Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS)

July 2018 "Wild Animals"

1st place- Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS); tied for in 2nd- Claude Lyneis (NS88) and Stephen Czarnecki; in 3rd- Randy Roig (ret); and in 4th place- Claude Lyneis.

Bighorns at The Wave

While hiking from The Wave to Fatali's Boneyard this group of bighorns wandered through and paused to see what the crazy tourists were doing in the middle of the Arizona desert at the peak of the summer.

Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS)

White-tailed Kites

Taken at Pt Isabel Regional Park.

Claude Lyneis

A Beakful of Grubs

A Faroe Islands Grackle shows off its catch of grubs as well as its iridescent coloring.

The bird is actually standing on someone's house. The tufts of grass are from the sod roofs that are common in the Faroe Islands. A practical choice for a location where it rains 300+ days a year.

Stephen Czarnecki

Leopard in Savuti, Botswana

A leopard posing for a portrait in the Savuti delta (Botswana)

Randy Roig

Panasonic FZ-1000

Spotted Towhee

A Spotted Towhee along Nimitz Way about 2 miles from Inspiration Point in Tilden Park. These are much prettier than their cousins, the California Towhee.

Claude Lyneis

June 2018 "Black and White"

1st place- Janie Page (ETA); in 2nd and 3rd- Doug Lockhart (ret); and in 4th place- Laura Wong (BTUS).

Fibonacci Anyone?

It is rumored that Fibonacci series can be found in such plant forms... this one makes it tempting to test the theory.

Janie Page

Cypress Tunnel Point Reyes

Cypress Tunnel at Point Reyes National Seashore on a foggy day.

Doug Lockhart

Mossbrae Falls

This is a detail at the base of Mossbrae Falls in Dunsmuir, CA.

Doug Lockhart

Elephants at a sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand

-Laura Wong

May 2018 "Macro"

1st place- Doug Lockhart (ret); tied for 2nd place- Christina Patricola (CECS), Sayan Gupta (MB&IB), and Karen Lingua (CFPOS); tied for 3rd place- Sayan Gupta and Karen Lingua; and in 4th place- John Christensen (EESA).

Anna's Hummingbird at a Hummingbird Sage Flower

If I stand at least 7' away from our hummingbird sage for about 20 minutes, a hummingbird invariably stops by. 7' is the minimum focus distance of the 200-500mm lens used here to capture the bird with enough resolution to mimic the use of a macro lens.

Doug Lockhart

Morning Mist on Poppy

Taken in my backyard

~ Christina Patricola

Perched Damselfly in Lassen

This one took some patience -- the damselflies only landed for a few seconds at a time, it was breezy, I was working with just a point-and-shoot, and I myself was perched precariously over the lake's edge. Fortunately managed to get this shot and stay dry.

~ Christina Patricola

Honey Bee

It was a bit of challenge to capture the face view of the bee on a windy day. The bee is carrying wax/pollen on its leg. I took this shot using Raynox DCR 250 mounted on a 18-105 mm lens.

- Sayan Gupta


An unfired flashbulb, found in a beat up box of assorted photography stuff at Urban Ore in Berkeley.

by Karen Lingua

Flower Beetles

These insects are less than 10 mm long and known as flower longhorn beeltes. They are also pollinators. I used Raynox DCR 250 mounted on a 18-105 mm lens.

- Sayan


Timing is everything, I had just received a new macro lens in the mail when this beauty of a moth showed up next to my front door.

A little Googling about tells me it is called an emerald moth. It's about an inch and a half across and very patient as I learned the new lens.

by Karen Lingua

Layers of History

A macro shot of a power pole on College Ave featuring the hundreds of staples (and some nails) used to post fliers over the decades. There's a shred of weathered paper near the center. Sometimes you can see thick "deposits" of paper looking like layers of sediment.

John Christensen

April 2018 "Urban/City/Street Photography"

1st place- Matthew Dorsey (HR); in 2nd Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS); tied for 3rd- Haris Mahic (ALS) and Laura Wong (BTUS); tied for 4th- TIm Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s) and Sayan Gupta (MB&IB).

The Beatnik Lives

Matthew Dorsey (HR)

Oakland in the Setting Sun

I like how the setting sun lights the buildings and the view of the 580/24 exchange by MacArthur BART. I took it standing in front of Building 90 with a Canon 7d at 400mm.

Stephen Czarnecki (BTUS)

Kids' Zone Clown

Haris Mahic (ALS)

Sunset in Marrakech

Taken from a terrace overlooking the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech, sometimes referred to as the Red City of Morocco.

Laura Wong (BTUS)


Tim Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s)

San Francisco Ferry Building from Pier 1

Sayan Gupta (MB&IB)

March 2018 "Smartphone Only"

1st place- Doug Lockhart (ret); in 2nd Lauren Lui (Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology); in 3rd TIm Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s); and in 4th Sayan Gupta (MB&IB).

Camels Legs at Sunrise

Taken in the Sahara Desert in Morocco after a night camping out. The only real challenge was lining up the shot since the camel was walking and refused to pose. I finally got to say "bad camel!"

Doug Lockhart (Ret.)

Swallowtail Caterpillar

This caterpillar was striking with its orange spots against the pale greens of the fennel and is monumental - this caterpillar was about 1.5 inches long but looks bigger here. This little bug is grasping fennel strands and stuffing them into its mouth. I was particularly fascinated with all of its legs and feet as they moved together. If you zoom in you can see tiny hairs on its feet.

Lauren Lui (Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology)

Peach Rose

Peach colored rose in my front yard.

Tim Kneafsey (Energy Geosciences Div.)

"Fried Egg Flower"

I used to see this flower near Bldg-80, and got to know form Google that this is a Matilija Poppy. It is really a beautiful and big flower. The petals look like scrunched white-paper. They fold back in the rain and in the dark.

Sayan Gupta (Molecular Biophys. & Integrated Bioimag. Div)

February 2018 "Water"

1st place: John Christensen (Energy Geosci.s) and John O'Brien (Climate & Ecosyt. Sci.); in 2nd: Karen Lingua (CFPOS); in 3rd: TIm Kneafsey (Energy Geosci.s); and in 4th: Sayan Gupta (MB&IB).

Water Drops

Fog condensed on a wildflower bud up on Mt. Tamalpais.

John Christensen

The Little Tree That Could

Came upon this nice sight while exploring central Vancouver Island, Canada. A Red Fir tree growing off a stump, in the middle of a pond. I liked image of the tree as an island in the rain. Life taking hold and moving forward despite the most improbable of circumstances. "YOU'RE DOIN IT!!"

John O'Brien


Lately I have been exploring photography of drips and splashes. Without a speedlight the action isn't frozen, but I like the movement of the water anyway. There is also something of a 1970's feel to the photo that works for me.

Karen Lingua

Droplets on a Spiderweb

I found a spiderweb in the grass of my backyard bejeweled with early morning dew. I got the shot with a 40mm macro lens before the sun evaporated the drops away.

Tim Kneafsey

Blue Hour at the Berkeley Marina

Reflection of the blue shades of the twilight, boats and dock lightings on the calm water of Berkeley Marian give the sense of serenity and peacefulness.

Sayan Gupta

January 2018 "Fog & Clouds"

The winners are, in a 3-way tie for 1st place: Karen Salvini (Lab. Direct.), James King (CFPOS), Alex Friedman (ATTP) ; in 2nd place: Christina Patricola (CECS); tied for 3rd: Haris Mahic (ALS), Doug Lockhart; and in 4th: Sayan Gupta (MB&IB).

Edge of Aloha

I was mesmerized by this beautiful stretch of clouds, reflected in a still patch of lily-pad studded water at the of Lake Aloha, Desolation Wilderness, CA.

Karen Salvini

Foggy Morning

I went to the Marin Headlands on the morning of MLK day and took this photo eastward, toward San Francisco soon after the sun rose.

James King

Fog and Clouds Over the City

Taking the category seriously ...

Alex Friedman

A Foggy Walk at Point Pinole

Christina Patricola

A Bird Ballet

On a foggy morning I saw this bird “dancing” in the rice field.

Photo by

Haris Mahic

Yosemite Valley Clouds & Fog

Yosemite Valley in rainy weather: unsettled clouds, wafting ground fog, teeny bit of sunny almost poking through. You can see Bridalveil Fall at lower left.

Doug Lockhart

Sunset and Clouds

It was very exciting to capture snapshots of sunset and approaching El Nio of 2015 from up on the hill near LHS. On this day I did not expect to see any color because of the rain and clouds on the horizon. With a big surprise, the sun appeared behind the clouds and lit up part of the horizon with spectacular color. The streamline waves around the Berkeley Pier might have caused by the high wind.

Sayan Gupta