Meetings/Photo Themes

Club Meetings

Meetings typically take place on the last Wednesday of the month, at noon (location announced through Google Calendar).

Photo Themes 2018

February- Water

March- Smartphone only

April- Urban/City/Street Photography

May- Macro

June- Black & White

July- Animals - Wild / In Motion (Wild animals, birds, bugs, etc)

August- Abstract

September- Landscape

October- Forgotten objects (old, unwanted / rusty / spooky)

November- Funny/Humorous/Fun

December- Anything Holiday

January 2019- Reflection (light or image)

Photo Themes 2017
February - Night Photography
March - Water
April - Black & White / Monochromatic
May - Specific Color: (TBD at next meeting)
June - Street / Urban
July - Macro-photography
August - Landscape
September - Depth of Field
October - Close to home (within 20 miles of home)
November - Abstract
December - Holiday
January 2018 - Fog & clouds

Photo Themes 2016
February - B&W
March - Wood
April - Berkeley
May - Reflection
June - Long exposure (1 second or more AND/OR with visible motion blur)
July - Street / urban exploration
August - Macro
September - Leaves or petals
October - Fog & clouds
November - Shadows
December - Holiday
January 2017 - Architecture

Photo Themes 2015

Food (Jan. 2015)

Smart phone photography (February)

Night photography (March)

Black and white with high contrast (April)

Portraiture (May)

Macro (June)

Life at LBNL (July)

Texture (August)

a specific color (September [color tbd])

Negative space (October)

Atypical images of objects (November)

Holiday (December)

Wet weather/seasons (January 2016) 

Photo Themes

Below are the themes for 2013 (suggestions were solicited from members last year, and pared down and arranged at several following club meetings). For the more technical themes (e.g. Depth of Field/Bokeh), a short explanation will be sent out at the beginning of that month.

January - Your Best From 2012
February - Black-and-White
March - Depth of Field/Bokeh
April - Portraits and Street Scenes
May - Macro-photography
June - Framing using Natural Frames
July - Patterns/Repetition
August - The Moon or the Sun
September- Landscape/Rule of Thirds
October - Night Photography
November - Perspective(vanishing point)/symmetry/balance
December - Holiday

Photo Submissions

In general the theme uploads will be due by the date of that month's meeting, at which point the voting can begin; votes by members due by noon following Monday. Submit photos (two max. per member) via; for username and password please contact John Christensen or Steve Kessler.